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    Who We Are

    Quality Communications (QC), began in Modesto, California by Patrick Chavez.
    Pat started his knowledge and training by means of humble beginnings by working in the telecommunication industry as a janitor in the late 60’s at Pacific Telephone. An optimist by nature he spent the next five (5) years working his way up the corporate ladder, Pat’s next position within
    Pacific Telephone was in the mailroom, then the supply department.
    His integrity, innovation, and reputation preceded him and he was asked to
    join the buried drop crew, through hard work and determination he than was
    promoted to pre-wire crew, than basic installation and PBX’s.
    Pat stayed with Pacific telephone until 1982 and the breakup of the Bell Systems.
  • Why Choose Us

    Why Choose Us

    Quality Communications is founded on these simple premises:

        "It takes months to find a new customer - it takes only seconds  to loose one."

        Offer Options to Meet Needs:
        "I am stranded on a desert island with a chicken…I can eat the eggs as
         they come, but I can fry the chicken only once."

        Provide Ongoing Quality Service:
        "We will react to these changes no matter what the cost is; we will
         always strive to do better."
  • Where We Are Heading

    Where We Are Heading

    IP PBX,  Asterisk-based PBX and VoIP PBX Phone Service,  Mobile VoIP Providers

    Quality Communications is a provider of hosted IP voice services for SMB to Enterprise, we also offer termination rates.
    In addition to Asterisk installation, support and training, we offer VoIP solutions,
    SIP trunking service, system telecommunications engineering, and a next generation product:  
    GSM/CDMA VoIP IP networking - using fixed mobile phone terminals.
    QC provides world-class communication consulting services for our clients
    by delivering value and results, drastically reducing telecommunications costs.
  • What Benefits You?

    What Benefits You?

    Our long history of Telecom solutions has provided us with a robust
    understanding of what we can provide our clients. Because of the ever evolving speed of telecommunications for cabling, phone systems, networking and now incorporating IP into the world of telecom, Quality Communications can make it happen!
    We are taking a global approach in telecomunications, because of the non
    stop delivery in the way we communicate around the world, we want to make
    your business simple and effective in communications.

Quality Communications specializes in delivering innovative business telephone and computer network solutions that provide businesses with a distinct competitive advantage. We understand the challenges posed by today’s rapidly evolving technologies, and leverage our extensive knowledge to help our clients meet these challenges. We work hard to understand the unique needs of each of our clients, and develop a personalized business telephone and network systems that enhances your productivity and help your business succeed.

Business Phone service and computer network systems are the lifeblood of all business communications. The business-customer relationship is certainly no exception. Your company's telephone and computer network system is a vital part of your communication equipment and must be of the highest quality.

Here at Quality Communications you receive superior telephone and computer network systems, equipment, and service at a great price. Our expert installation and service technicians will keep your telephone and network system working efficient for many years.

The Benefits of Advanced Sound Masking Technology

VoiceArrest™ Sound Masking System The VoiceArrest™ Sound Masking System is measurably the most effective sound masking system available. Here are a few of the benefits you will enjoy as a result of new advanced technology. Comfortable, Stress Relieving Privacy Open-style offices, when they have even low-level noise, result in significantly higher levels of stress for employees. These stressed workers also make 40 percent fewer attempts to solve difficult problems in comparison to their colleagues in quiet offices. In addition to lower levels of productivity and increased stress, these employees face the constant distraction of open office conversations. The VoiceArrest™ system was designed specifically with acoustic comfort in mind. Gone are the constant distractions that make it difficult to concentrate. Gone are the worries about a lack of privacy for confidential conversations. And gone is the environment that adds stress to its employees’ lives! Through the use of four-channel sound masking technology, the VoiceArrest™ System simulates the full, yet gentle whooshing sound of a high-end HVAC system; this soft background noise is focused on the frequency of human speech and covers conversations and other distractions. It’s like listening to quadraphonic surround sound. The sound is full, yet you can’t pinpoint exactly where it’s coming from. The even distribution of sound allows it to disappear into the background virtually unnoticed. Consistently Higher Privacy The VoiceArrest™ Sound Masking System provides your workplace with a more effective level of privacy. Through the use of Direct Field Technology, the background masking is perfectly balanced in both volume as well as frequency content. This improves your privacy in two principal ways:
  1. Greater levels of privacy per decibel of sound output.
  2. Consistent privacy at all points within the coverage area.
Quieter, Less Intrusive Privacy The uniform sound and consistent volume distribution of the sound delivered by the VoiceArrest™ Sound Masking System permits its operation at substantially lower sound levels than competitive systems, while still maintaining its effectiveness. While other masking systems must operate at 48-51 decibels in order to provide acceptable privacy conditions for the majority of occupants, the VoiceArrest™ System provides equivalent privacy at 45 decibels under the same conditions. The increased efficiency of the VoiceArrest™ System provides effective privacy with a quieter, less intrusive sound. This also allows for higher settings for the few, unique applications that requires greater privacy than a typical office setting, while keeping the sound output within the noise comfort levels. Controlled Placement of Privacy Old plenum-based systems employ the air space above the ceiling tiles to distribute the sound masking “white” noise, but they often encounter issues in space shared by both open and closed office areas. When masking is delivered to the open area at appropriate levels, the sound also echoes into the enclosed office space and builds up to excessive levels, even if there are no masking loudspeakers above it. With the old systems, the only solution is to decrease the volume, and therefore the privacy coverage, in the adjacent open areas. The Direct Field Technology used by the VoiceArrest™ System allows the masking sound intended for the open office area to be limited to the open area, with no unwanted sound leaking into offices or conference rooms. Sound masking in any enclosed spaces would be set as a separate zone controlled independently with its own levels and settings. Privacy + Paging + Music The VoiceArrest™ Sound Masking System also easily adds paging and/or music to your environment using the same speakers that deploy the sound masking. The high quality speakers, in addition to their specific placement, is how our system provides the cleanest paging in the market, without the usual startle effect for customers. Cost Effective Privacy VoiceArrest Sound Masking SystemGiven the technological and performance advantages of the VoiceArrest™ System in comparison to the old plenum-based systems, people expect it to be more expensive. However, with new technology and efficient design, the VoiceArrest™ Sound Masking System provides state-of-the-art speech privacy at a modest, competitive price. The VoiceArrest™ Sound Masking System is even more cost-effective when compared to other methods of improving speech privacy, such as upgrading to acoustic ceiling tiles, adding absorbent wall panels, or raising the height of furniture panel. Ready to find out how the VoiceArrest™ Speech Privacy System can raise the privacy levels of your workplace? Contact one of our acoustic consultants today!